Lombok Sumbawa Infinite Experiences

“Infinite Experience”

Lombok-Sumbawa has a lot to offer for memorable experience without an end through various attractions of exotic cultures and nature of eastern Indonesia from wilderness to international shows. International recognized natural attractions consisting of coastal to mountainous areas and cultural diversity from three indigenous tribes (Sasak, Samawa, Mbojo) as well as the combination of other cultures (Bali and Java) make NTB as a perfect destination to explore for infinite experiences.

Lombok is a perfect destination to visit for an exciting journey as it offers various wonderful attractions by enjoying marine tourism in mainland and little islands including trekking to Mount Rinjani and conquering seven summits, visiting the traditional houses and other cultural attractions, experiencing living with rural communities and their livelihoods in farms, purchasing unique handicrafts, and watching international show of MotoGP or other sport attractions. Lombok defines its position as a destination to experience diversified unique attractions even in a short-haul journey in a small destination area

Sumbawa with enchanting beauty and wilderness is a home of two main indigenous tribes (Samawa and Mbojo). The exoticness of culture and untouched beauty of wildlife and nature add the values of its uniqueness that is worth visiting to experience the exotic wilderness of the eastern Indonesia. Sumbawa defines its position as a destination to experience wilderness.

Calendar Event

Time: 12.00 AM To 11.00 PM

L'Etape Indonesia by Tour de France 2022

The L'Etape Indonesia by Tour de France 2022 sport event will be held on February 20, 2022, located in Mandalika.

Time: 12.00 AM To 12.00 AM

Festival Pesona Bau Nyale 2022

The event will be held on 20-21 February 2022 at Tanjung Aan, Mandalika, Central Lombok.

Time: 10.00 AM To 05.00 PM

Horse Racing in Sumbawa

The horse racing competition will be held at the Angin Laut Biru arena in Sumbawa.